Humidity Control. Its Effects on the Environmental Quality.

DATE: Friday, December 14, 2018.

In most of climates, water vapour balances with dry air, in a very natural way. This results very healthy for our society and, therefore, among other reasons, outdoor activities are promoted.

However, this doesnt happen in air-conditioned buildings where people are very well aware of the need to move forward towards a greater control of the air quality and energy efficiency.

Our society is increasingly aware of the importance of the use of humidity control systems for health reasons so this led ASHRAE Spain Chapter to hold a technical session about humidity control and the effects on the environmental quality, on December 14 in Madrid.

Lew Harriman, FASHRAE and author of the ASHRAE Humidity Control Design Guide for Commercial and Institutional Buildings and the ASHRAE Guide for Buildings in hot and humid climates, 2nd edition, will be the international guest speaker and he will talk about how new technologies are helping to improve humidity control.

We invite all European Member and supporters of ASHRAE to join the conference.

For more information visit ASHRAE Spain Chapter webpage:  Here