Benefits of Involvement in ASHRAE Technical Committees (TCs)

DATE: September 25, 2020

ASHRAE TCs play a vital role in developing ideas for ASHRAE-funded research projects, converting these ideas into viable proposals, reviewing and evaluating proposals from contractors bidding on such proposals, monitoring the progress and quality of ongoing research projects, and ensuring that the results of ASHRAE research are appropriately included in programs, the ASHRAE Handbook, and journal articles.
ASHRAE members of all ages especially younger ones can benefit from TC participation. It is a great way to truly learn the technology and guide the future of our technology. One example is helping write or update a Handbook chapter. Many times, the chapter needs someone with a fresh look to make sure it is what is needed by persons new to the subject.
We kick off this series of TC presentations at the Region XIV virtual CRC2020, on September 25, 2020, from 18:15 to 18:45 CEST, presenting TC7.3, TC8.2, & TC9.2.

To attend the presentation and be an active paricipant in the discussion select the following link:

For a complete list of the TCs and their activities follow this link: